LEGO Juniors Create and Cruise


A virtual LEGO toy



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LEGO Juniors Create and Cruise is a game that is mainly designed for children that allows you to create vehicles and other items with LEGO blocks, which you can then use to race on the racetrack.

In the first part of LEGO Juniors Create and Cruise you have to use the different LEGO pieces available to build a vehicle. You will have to put wheels on it, decide what kind of body the car will have, etc.

However, in the second part of the game you have to drive the vehicle. Driving your LEGO car, your goal is to collect all of the LEGO pieces that you find scattered along the way.

LEGO Juniors Create and Cruise is an entertaining and lovely game that makes kids use their imaginations and allows them to enjoy the magic of LEGO from the comfort of an Android device.

Requires Android 4.0 or higher.

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